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Meet our signature blends


Our most popular blend yields blueberry and dark chocolate undertones with a blast of tangerine citrus at the finish.

Captain Crosby

Captain Crosby is bright and sunny, yet earthy and grounded; exotic, yet familiar. Our signature triblend captures the essence of exotic flavors without compromising the familiar flavor of a bold, homemade coffee.


Brewster offers sweet floral notes of jasmine and lavender, with a succulent citrus finish.

Meet our small lot single origins


This Mexican coffee offers notes of cocoa, roasted nut, and brown spice which makes a rich, smooth coffee for the fall season.

Peru Gregorio

We are proud to present this Limited Edition Direct Trade Coffee from the farm of Gregorio Quispe Mamani. This attention to detail and quality yields a deliciously sweet cup that offers notes of lemon and cocoa with a nutty finish.

Costa Rica Don Otto

Our green label (our lighter body label) is a microlot grown by Otto Esteban Bonilla Avila in the village of Palmira,Costa Rica and is 100% Venecia coffee. This unique coffee offers complex winey notes of tropical red fruit and citrus.

Very impressive operation! I ordered online at 2 o'clock, got my email confirmation immediately, then within 25 minutes my "order is shipped" email popped up. The coffee beans had been roasted within a day of this order being placed. My freshly roasted beans will be in my coffee maker within 2 days! Thanks for your expert handling with care of my order.

— Charlene Vincent

The Snowy Owl is one of the more charming coffee houses I have come across. First of all the coffee is excellent - they source their coffee from some well trod regions (Ethiopia, Yirgacheffee) but also some more uncommon ones (Burundi, Malawi). One wall features a Mercator projection with the regions outlined, with tasting notes, a great way to communicate the coffee to customers. They also have a binder covered with coffee-sack burlap that goes more into depth about the coffees on hand. I tried the Ethiopian (pour over) and bought a bag of the Burundi. Another unique option is that they offer both pour-over and aero-press - a method I like- in addition to drip. Bottom line, they offer great coffee and tell a good story about it.

— Robert H.

Enter for a chance to

WIN a 2 months supply of Specialty coffee